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Financial services 2020 digital marketing focuses: personalisation – The Drum

From customised content to tailored ads and offers, there’s a clear calling for personalisation within the financial services sector.

Accenture’s 2019 Global Financial Services Consumer Study found that one in two say they’d be happy to receive personalised financial advice from banks, like spending habit reports and advice on how to manage money. This type of guidance is likely to become even more valuable with the added pressures brought on by Covid-19.

And it’s clear that financial service brands are catching on. An Econsultancy survey found that, when asked which three digital areas are top priority for their organisation, 37% of financial service respondents chose ‘targeting and personalisation’.

But another study, by software company Pegasystems, concluded that 94% of banks haven’t quite figured out personalisation yet. So what’s the holdup?

Strike the right balance

Despite the growing consumer demand for personalised interactions, in a survey of more than 2,500 customers, Gartner found that more than half would unsubscribe from a company’s communications and 38% would stop doing business with a company if they found personalisation “creepy”.

Not everyone wants to feel as though they’re being monitored – particularly when it comes to their finances – and the price of getting it wrong is steep. Google also has guidelines around negative financial status in personalised advertising, so financial institutions should tread carefully.

Keep personalisation consistent

Paid media personalisation doesn’t seem to be the norm for any finance brands at the moment. But when brands do start to embrace personalisation in ad copy, consistency will be key to hitting KPIs.

When a customer clicks on a personalised paid ad, for example, they’d expect to then hit a personalised landing page. Without that, the initial promise of relevancy is met with something too generic.

But personalised content needs to be dynamically generated – something that Google can have issues with. For any personalised landing page that isn’t behind a login, you need to decide what Google should see, and the answer is rarely straightforward. You don’t want to risk a Google penalty by showing users content that’s radically different from the non-personalised version.


According to our head of paid media Lottie Namakando, well-executed personalisation should be an audience aid – to guide people through the complexity of the finance industry.

“Finances can be complicated, so consumers welcome expertise, often feeling as though finance brands understand their needs better than they do themselves. They’re likely to welcome hand-picked content, as it means they won’t need to trawl the internet for trust-worthy advice.

“But focus on the differing needs of existing customers and prospects with ad copy personalisation. Think about the way you’d treat a potential customer if they came to the bank for the first time – you’d wait for them to sign-up and share their information before giving personalised advice.

“So there’s an element of politeness which should sit alongside personalisation in finance, whereby people need to agree (beyond just accepting cookies) before brands can go ahead and get friendly. When approached sensitively – which is especially important in these uncertain times – personalisation will help finance brands set themselves apart from competitors; not just other banks, but fintech start-ups too.”


Personalisation projects need to be carefully considered and planned:

  • Listen to your customers – conduct analysis on how they feel about different levels of personalisation. Do the potential benefits outweigh any concerns they have? Is there a cut-off point to their comfort?
  • Test and learn – consider sorting audiences into new and existing customers, identifying small-scale test and learn opportunities that focus on audience signals that aren’t too niche. The non-specific nature of softer signals, like those related to recent interactions or broad interests, present good testbeds.

This is an excerpt from the iCrossing UK report Financial Services 2020 Digital Marketing Focuses which also features expert analysis of trends in regulation, personalisation, voice search and creative strategy and actionable digital marketing guidance.

Lottie Namakando, head of paid media at iCrossing UK

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Best Digital Marketing Strategies to Kick-Start your Business after the Covid-19 – YourStory

The outbreak of COVID-19 has flipped our lives upside down. At present, our life is all about frequently washing our hands, wearing masks, and practicing social distancing. Besides the physical and emotional impact of Coronavirus, this pandemic has also wreaked financial havoc around the globe. Due to nation-wide lockdowns, most business owners are facing the brunt of the global economic crisis. Some businesses have adopted work-from-home practices while others have completely shut down. More than 90% of small businesses are suffering the negative effects of this pandemic, but there is hope on the horizon. Even if it may not be clear when exactly businesses will reopen completely, it’s certain that eventually, everything will get normal.

The global economy is in a gloomy state at the moment but once this pandemic is over, recovery will begin. Many countries have already partially lifted lockdowns and some relaxations are given to businesses of all types and sizes. So, as a smart business owner, you need to utilize this slowdown period in the most productive way. It is time to consider what recovery mode will look like once the economy return to normalcy.

During this pandemic, every business owner has realized one thing- it’s impossible to survive without an online presence. Due to Coronavirus, the world has become even more digitalized. Consequently, developing a business website and investing in digital marketing has become more important than ever. This means that if you want to kick start your business after the Covid-19, it’s crucial to get your digital marketing strategies in order. This is the perfect time to prepare an exit strategy for the post-COVID-19 period to get back in action at the right time.

How to Develop an Exit Plan for Post COVID-19 Period

A digital marketing strategy is a plan of action and techniques to be used for achieving your business goals. The basic goal of any digital marketing strategy is to improve your site’s SERP ranking and increase your conversion rate. During this time of crisis, businesses need to revamp their digital marketing strategy so that they bounce back in the second half of 2020. Now you may wonder how to formulate your Coronavirus exit plan to get your business back on track. If you’re not sure how to develop or redesign your online marketing plan, we are here to help you! Here we’ve put together a list of digital marketing strategies to help you kick-start your business after the Covid-19.

1.   Assess Your Existing Digital Marketing Strategy

The first step in developing or redesigning your digital marketing strategy is accessing your current digital marketing setup. Before you even start planning any new marketing campaign, you should define your future goals and find out how your site is performing at the moment. You need to find out what your competitors are doing and deep dive into your Google Analytics to find out what is working and what is not. If you’re not an expert in this, seek the assistance of a digital marketing expert to establish your campaign objectives, identify your core messages, and implement strategies.

2.   Develop or Redesign Your Website

To survive in this digital work, your business needs an online presence. Digital marketing begins with developing a user-friendly website. Even after lockdowns are lifted, people will prefer to shop online as a precautionary measure. So, if you don’t have a website, this is the right time to take your business online. If you already have a site running, make your digital footprint stronger. Optimize your website and include the latest features like voice search, chatbots, mobile-friendliness, and more.

3.   Local SEO

If you want to prepare your business for the bounce-back surge then make SEO your top priority. Once normalcy is maintained and consumers’ spending gets stabilize, the economy will start improving. At that time, you will need to rank at the top to regain your lost revenue. But SEO is not something you can achieve in a day or week. It is a long-term strategy that gives the desired results in several months. If you invest in SEO right now, it will improve your organic search traffic after two or three months from now. So, don’t make a mistake to pause your SEO campaign during this pandemic. The effort you put today will increase your site’s ranking in post-COIVD-19 days. You should implement local SEO strategies to optimize your website for “near me” searches.

4.   Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

During this pandemic, investing in PPC can be a smart move because paid ads are very cheap right now. Reportedly, cost-per-clicks have decreased considerably across all verticals. This is a great opportunity for businesses to use PPC marketing to connect with their customers and gain a competitive advantage. When other advertisers are going offline and sitting idle, you should grab the opportunity. The reduced market competition gives your business an opportunity to scoop up that lost market share.

5.   Social Media Marketing

With COVID-19 lockdown, social media has become everyone’s favorite. More and more people are using social media platforms to connect with the outside world. This gives you the perfect opportunity to develop your customer base. This is the right time to connect with your customers on social media. The relationships you build today will help in days to come. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become a powerful marketing tool these days. You need to identify which platform your target audience is using most to increase your brand exposure.

6.   Content Marketing

Of all the online marketing techniques, content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Developing relevant content in the form of videos, blog posts, infographics, and more will help your business in connecting with consumers. The right content marketing strategy will increase visibility for your brand, build credibility, as well as boost brand awareness. For instance, a CCTV camera company can write a blog about the benefits of installing a surveillance system. By targeting specific keywords, the company can optimize the content for search engines to improve their visibility in search results.

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All Systems Go Marketing Publishes New Blog Post on 2020 Digital Marketing Trends – Press Release – Digital Journal

All Systems Go Marketing, an HVAC Digital Marketing and SEO services provider in La Mesa, California, has recently published a blog post that discusses the 2020 digital marketing trends. It is pointed out that voice search and digital assistants will be commonly used in 2020 as more people warm up to them. It is predicted that voice search will make up about 50 percent of all online searches. In addition, video will be the most popular form of content as videos have been steadily rising in popularity because of social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Furthermore, social media platforms are becoming even more important in digital marketing as these platforms continue adding features, such as playing games, shopping, and watching live events.

Craig Wright, owner of All Systems Go Marketing, says, “Digital marketing is one of the most, if not the most dynamic sector in the larger field of marketing. Because of its close ties with and reliance on technology, any advances of the latter also means a lot of changes affecting its landscape. Thus, there are always new techniques, trends, and tools being pioneered, which then make digital marketing more effective in catering to the constantly developing needs of the customers. In 2020, in response to these developments, some trends are predicted to take over digital marketing.”

The technology for voice search and digital assistants have been available in the market for years but at the start, people were slow to appreciate their benefits. But in 2020, more and more people are expected to shift to voice searches as online shoppers expect automatic answers to their questions and won’t want to waste time typing in their searches. SEO strategies will need to be adjusted with the increasing use of voice queries. Websites need to have those featured snippets and zero-click searches ensured to be compatible with digital assistants like Siri, Google Now, and Alexa. For instance, digital assistants only read back the first entry on the search engine results page.

Another digital marketing trend that has to be taken into consideration in 2020 is that video content has become the most popular form of content. It has become quite obvious that text content has become saturated and that video as a form of content is expected to grow further in 2020. Digital marketing efforts will have to be adjusted therefore because almost half of web users already prefer to obtain video content from the companies that they follow.

And social media platform are getting more involved in digital marketing as they start to offer more features, such as online shopping and playing games. Companies are now able to integrate their online stores to their social media profile in Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Meanwhile, one of the specialties of All Systems Go Marketing is HVAC SEO services. The company has a team of HVAC SEO specialists who have the industry knowledge and experience to develop campaigns that can boost the client’s online presence. Their SEO solutions are performance-driven, which means that once it has been put in motion, clients will begin to see the impact of solid SEO on their HVAC company. The result is not just higher ranking in the search engine results page but also an improved bottom line.

Their digital marketing strategies are tailor fitted to the specific business, with the deliverables being made transparent so that clients will know exactly the depth and extent of the services being provided. They make use of a wide range of SEO strategies to optimize the site’s organic searches. And each of these techniques is leveraged by a team of experienced SEO professionals that take into consideration overall competition and current positions. Their comprehensive SEO process has been shown to drive over one million leads to client sites since they were founded in 2001.

Those who would like to know more about digital marketing trends and the SEO services offered by All Systems Go Marketing can check out their website, or contact them on the telephone, or through email.


For more information about All Systems Go Marketing, contact the company here:

All Systems Go Marketing
Craig Wright
(619) 304-0152
All Systems Go Marketing
8064 Allison Avenue, #108
La Mesa, CA 91942

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3 Easy Marketing Strategies to Retain Customers in a Tough Environment – Multichannel Merchant

Across the U.S. the economy is reopening, but what the new normal will look like is mostly unknown. Business owners are taking bold steps and making decisive decisions to determine what comes next for their company.

Retaining and acquiring customers now is crucial in defining what your business looks like six months to five years from now. So, what marketing strategies should you employ to foster brand loyalty among existing customers and draw in new ones?

COVID-19 has changed the way we communicate with customers, from the channels we use to reach them to the information we share. As brands shift focus on what’s next, existing customers should still be the number one priority as they’re the best source of revenue now and going forward. What is trickier will be building relationships with new audiences.

With a critical eye on spending, many brands are leaning on simple, effective and timely marketing campaigns. The good news? This is exactly what you should be doing. Understanding which marketing channels give the biggest bang for the buck can go a long way.

Here are a 3 easy marketing strategies that will help your business now:

Email Marketing Communicates Beyond Promotions

Communicating with customers is more important than ever and email is a crucial tool for this. Providing a hyper-personalized email experience has allowed brands to tailor messages that empathize with consumers. Eighty-three percent of consumers responding to a recent survey said they want compassionate connection, including brand messaging that communicates empathy and support with the struggles they face.

In fact, average open rates for email were up across the board for March and April, despite the rise in send volume. As business begin to reopen physical locations, email will be an important tool to keep shoppers informed on health and safety practices, modifications for the in-store experience and convenient options like BOPIS and curbside pickup.

There’s no ideal cadence for email marketing during this time, but brands should use their best judgement and keep an eye on engagement metrics. It’s important to remember it’s no longer “business as usual,” so every email campaign should be tailored based on the current environment. It’s ultimately up to you to set the tone of the message and what and when to communicate.

Tap into VIP Customers Through SMS Marketing

As consumers get fatigued from email, SMS marketing services can be an alternative for reaching VIP customers that have already had a positive experience with your brand. It’s much more intimate than email and enables you to connect with customers on a personal level.

SMS marketing is being utilized increasingly by marketers, as 68% of businesses use some form of texting today and consumers increasingly opt to receive texts vs. emails. As you update brand messaging and build out a VIP list, focus on growing that segment once identified and reward them with timely, valuable and customized messages.

With a 160-character limit that includes website URLs and mandatory unsubscribe language, it’s best to lead with an offer and reinforce a call to action without wasting words. To be most effective, SMS messages have to drive direct value. Open rates for SMS text may be very high but it’s also easy for shoppers to opt out if messaging misses the mark. Don’t be afraid to strengthen your campaign with multimedia, email and social as a follow through.

Make the Most of What You Have

In the absence of store experiences, brands can expand on digital practices in their marketing strategies. Depending on your industry or business segment, it can be hard to keep budgets flat. If you’re in that position, now is the time to double down on current digital marketing initiatives. Consumers are at home, likely digesting more information than usual through their phones, TVs, laptops and tablets. This is a good thing for brands because new and creative strategies aren’t necessarily warranted. Make the most of the channels you have by ensuring your message stands out.

Reassess your digital marketing efforts and identify your most valuable channels, and put time and effort behind communicating quality messages through them. But remember that diversification is still key – you don’t need to bombard consumers through a single medium. The most effective marketing strategy will leverage a combination of traditional methods as well as email, SMS and social media. These platforms will help keep shoppers engaged and translate to more sales opportunities when used effectively.

The Bottom Line

Change is happening fast and marketing to shoppers has become more complex than ever. But simplicity is key with your marketing strategies. Revisiting the basics can help open up more immediate opportunities for engagement with old and new customers and drive future success.

Ranga Bodla is VP of Industry Marketing for Oracle NetSuite

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Go digital on marketing strategies to woo students in China, says Bonard – The PIE News

Education providers should develop online digital strategies to recruit in China, as education agents in the country turn to online recruitment channels throughout the coronavirus pandemic, says one global education consultancy.

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23 Year Old Online Entrepreneur Kishmel Eagar, Stuns The Digital Marketing Space With Entry Points Creative Agency – California Herald

Innovative online entrepreneur, Kishmel Eagar, achieves amazing feats with his Instagram Creative Agency, EntryPoints Creative Agency, helping over 200 influencers and entrepreneurs worldwide

Founder of Entry Points Media, Kishmel Eagar, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, businesses and influencers gain attention and grow their social media presence with a wide range of disruptive digital marketing solutions. From content creation to getting leads/prospects for businesses and growing/scaling Instagram pages, the 23-year-old entrepreneur has seemingly done it all in the space of 2 years.

The Guyana Born entrepreneur was born on 27th July 1997 and always wanted to be free to dictate his lifestyle. After studying and learning about Instagram’s algorithm, Instagram’s engagement, content creation, networking with popular pages, and building a following on Instagram, Kishmel started offering services to entrepreneurs and influencers. His results helped to increase his popularity in his niche, generating five-figures in revenue in 8 months and rising to the highest echelon in the industry.

Kishmel’s success led to the eventual launch of his digital marketing company named EntryPoints Creative Agency in 2020, offering a plethora of services to clients worldwide. EntryPoints was created as a hub for digital marketing solutions, offering several promotional services and latest marketing tools like graphic designing, social media marketing, advertising videos, unique editing methods and a host of others. The agency also provides clients with a roadmap and strategic planning for businesses to become successful in their respective markets.

The successes recorded by Kishmel have become newsworthy considering that he practically taught himself everything he knows about digital marketing. Filled with creative ideas and an entrepreneurial DNA, Kishmel achieved relative success without any mentor, guide or course. Although he came across several errors and several trials in the process of meeting the needs of his clients, he never forgot the goals and standards that he set for himself.

For Kishmel Eagar, his purpose was to launch a business and make money, and he seems to be doing well in this aspect.

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2020 Effective Digital Marketing Awards shortlist revealed – MobileMarketing Magazine

The shortlist for the 2020 Effective Digital Marketing Awards has been revealed. It features campaigns in 11 categories from the UK, US, France, India, Taiwan, Singapore and the Philippines, among other countries.

The winners will be revealed at an Awards Ceremony taking place on 11 September. While this will most likely be held online, a final decision will be taken, and an announcement made, closer to the time.

While the Effective Digital Marketing Awards are no longer open for entries, there is still plenty of time to enter our Effective Mobile Marketing Awards. More details on those here.

In the meantime, congratulations to all the brands and agencies that have made the shortlist for the Effective Digital Marketing Awards. Here it is in full…

Most Effective Tech Platform
Jampp – Always-on Lift Measurement
LoopMe – LoopMe
MarketMuse – MarketMuse Premium
NMPi by Incubeta – Delivering Seamless Search for Marks and Spencer
Uberall – Digital Marketing Driving Customers to the Forecourt for BP
Yext Search Experience Cloud – Yext Answers

Most Effective Mobile Campaign
Gymshark and Yodel Mobile – Gymshark Conditioning App Launch
IMVU and Leanplum – IMVU Mobile Engagement Optimisation Campaign
SEAT and S4M – SEAT Drive-to-store Campaign
The Very Group, Vizeum and Picnic – Black Friday Accelerated Mobile Pages Takeover
UFC & AdColony – Knockout Mobile Campaign
UKTV and Yodel Mobile – UKTV Play App Growth Campaign

Most Effective Integrated Campaign
Bulldog Skincare and Gravytrain – Understanding Men Leads To 107% More Revenue
LUMI and Nuuk – From £0 to £1,600,000 in 30 days
Mastercard and Carat Media Services Singapore – Tap & Go with Mastercard
Médecins Sans Frontières and Crafted – Supporting the Frontline of Humanitarian Care
Sony Rewards and Merkle – Men In Black International Giveaway

Most Effective Performance Marketing Campaign
BT and Awin – Beyond Limits Campaign
Médecins Sans Frontières and Crafted – Supporting the Frontline of Humanitarian Care
Refinitiv and The Media Image – Rebrand and Restructure Campaign
Shiseido and iProspect Singapore – Shiseido Online to Offline Impact Analysis
Standard Chartered Bank and iProspect Singapore – Personalisation at Scale Campaign

Most Effective DTC eCommerce Campaign
Bulldog Skincare and Gravytrain – Understanding Men Leads To 107% More Revenue
Converse and iProspect – Converse Super Brand Day campaign (Lazada)
eBags and LiveIntent – Diversified Marketing Mix Campaign
Hopper and #paid – Hopper App Campaign

Most Effective Retail or FMCG Campaign
Marks and Spencers International and NMPi by Incubeta – Not All International Markets are Created Equal – Boosting In-store Foot Traffic Campaign
Specsavers and Tangerine Communications – Specsavers Ashes: The Test Experts
The Very Group, Vizeum and Picnic – Black Friday Accelerated Mobile Pages Takeover

Most Effective Search Campaign
Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and Crafted – Opening up Europe with Content Campaign
Nextbase and ROAST – Dash Cam UK Search Campaign
Refinitiv Digital Performance – Refinitiv: A Billion Dollar Brand Reborn
Tipi and NMPi by Incubeta – Closing the Online and Offline Gap

Most Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign
Philips Hue and #paid – organic influencer campaign
SimplyBe and Awin – Let Summer Set You Free
Wavin UK Hep 20 and Tangerine Communications – Engaging Industry Influencers with Hep20

Most Effective Paid Social Campaign
Eurail and NMPI by Incubeta – Tapping Into Eurail’s Endless Supply Of Creatives Campaign
Pizza Hut Restaurants and Tangerine Communications – Taste Freedom Campaign
Urban Skin and #paid – Increased Return on Ad Spend Campaign

Most Effective Video Campaign
Audi and PHD Taiwan – Audi e-tron Has Landed Campaign
SEAT and S4M – SEAT drive-to-store campaign

Most Effective Data & Analytics Campaign
BookMyShow and CleverTap – Avengers Endgame Tickets Campaign
Cinthamani Computer – Zee Tamil Cine Awards 2020 Interactive Voting BOT

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PRESS RELEASE: ASX-listed Technology Company Leading the World in Preventing US$100 billion digital marketing fraud problem – Media Database – Get the Word Out



Key Highlights

ASX-listed company Adveritas Limited (Adveritas) (ASX: AV1), which is leading the world in preventing the massive US$100 billion digital marketing ad fraud problem(1) , receives significant backing from Hall of Fame funds manager Philip King and 9-times BRW Young Rich Lister Mark McConnell, to accelerate its global growth.

Solving a Massive Global Problem

Digital marketing fraud is a massive global problem, estimated to cost all global advertisers US$42 billion in 2019 and forecast to cost US$100 billion by 2023 (1).

CEO Mathew Ratty said, “We know that TrafficGuardTM is leading the world globally in preventing digital ad fraud because many global clients selected TrafficGuardTM after conducting an extensive search for the best solution. The ad fraud problem is growing each and every year, so we know there is a large global need for our service by any company that advertises online.

Great example of commercialised Australian technology solving global problems

Adveritas is leading the world with its digital marketing anti-fraud software TrafficGuardTM, servicing multi-billion dollar global clients like Asia’s leading ride-sharing company Go-Jek and Latin American super-app, Rappi.

Technology investor and Co-Founder/CEO of ASX-listed Citadel Group, Mark McConnell said,

“I have been an active, global, technology investor for over two decades, and I have identified TrafficGuard as an excellent example of Australian technology leading the world in its chosen segment. TrafficGuard’s unique technology combines the intellectual property of its specialist software engineering and data science teams with its proprietary big data set which it has accumulated through almost a decade of adtech industry experience. I am confident that TrafficGuard will continue to scale globally and as a major shareholder, I am pleased to continue to support its global growth strategy”.

Welcomes Strategic Investors

The Company is pleased to welcome new investment by Regal Funds Management.

Regal Funds Management (“Regal”) and Mark McConnell will both be investing $2M each into the current capital raising, which is expected to raise a total of approximately $5M including the proceeds of a share purchase plan.

Founded in 2004, Regal is a multi-award winning funds manager, managing close to $3 billion, across a range of strategies. This investment will be made through the Regal Australian Emerging Companies Fund. Regal Co-Founder Philip King, an inductee of the funds management Hall of Fame, is an active supporter of high-growth Australian technology companies.

Phil King said, “We are pleased to support world-leading Australian technology companies. Our discussions with existing customers indicate that TrafficGuard is a best-in-class digital marketing and anti-fraud software company.

We like supporting CEOs with passion and real skin in the game. CEO and Co-Founder Mathew Ratty has personally invested significant capital into TrafficGuard and leads a passionate and energetic team, including data scientists and software engineers, who lead the world in their field.

The timing is right to support TrafficGuard as it is well validated and highly scalable, whilst businesses globally accelerate their transition to online commerce.”

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Digital Marketing: Can the COVID-19 seize your business? – YourStory

Dear Corona, 

You are so very awful to mankind, but some good days are awaiting me!

Yours hopefully,

Digital Marketing 

Don’t you think when an invisible matter can crash the economy, kill the dreams of a lot of people through unemployment, make people in poverty suffer, question many lives around the globe, and shouldn’t it be called an awful element?

“Can the COVID-19 seize your business?” answers Digital Marketing

The percentage of obsession towards your digital devices has increased unpredictably. Even right now, you are using a mobile, laptop or a tab/iPad.

It is estimated there are more than 4 billion internet users in the world today. 

It’s not insane since I understand that there is no other way that you can escape from being alive in any of the digital mediums. Indeed, there are several motives for you to stay online wherein a few reasons involve gathering the news, getting to know what’s trending, peeping into our friend’s businesses which is not your business to look at, and so on. Being in many social media, you will now be able to understand the minute differences between each social media channel. 

A lot of businesses and companies are closed for an unconditional period of time and every organisation is working from home.

I suspect that the employees will soon forget their manager’s face, on a lighter note. Putting up billboards, sticking papers on the walls and sides for marketing, Gorilla marketing will definitely not work out in the current scenario. This type of advertising will not work out right now since the deadly Corona will swallow up everything. The COVID-19 consequences are worse. No two strange heads are supposed to meet.

I’m afraid there’s a downfall going on for many businesses around the globe. Omdia predicts that over there would be a 15% drop in TV advertising. Then what’re the means of marketing during the COVID-19 scenario?

Since the Corona Virus has caged us, we allow the internet to dig our minds, give us some insights, makes us wonder for so many ‘WHYs’, addresses our relationships, values the freedom we had and monitors our determination towards our career.

You can still run your business, market your products/services, progress your growth rate, and make money out of it as well. But how?

Yes, the only solution which every businessman/businesswoman has (right now) is ‘DIGITAL MARKETING’ – the only key towards marketing in 2020.

Do you know that marketing digitally is absolutely relaxed and the safest way to market anything to anyone? 

There’s nothing to lose while marketing digitally. You will get insights, take surveys to acknowledge what’s necessary and do lots more. 

While in the COVID-19 season, customers find it difficult to step out of their houses to buy any groceries, medicines, tools and so on. It is understood that online shopping has become more visible and reliable. 

Behavioural change is drastically obvious and hoping to rely on the digital medium to buy/sell goods and services in the upcoming years as well. 

“E-commerce will be the other sector that will see a revenue boost as a result of the pandemic, adding $175 billion in revenue in 2020, which represents a 5% increase” adds Forbes.


From ordering food to ordering a charger for your laptop, everything is being done through the online platform. Search engines, social media channels, e-mails, websites, mobile applications are widely being used by almost everyone in the world. Even after the Corona Virus ends, the effect of handling shopping might be continued in the online medium, which reflects in the behavioural change of a person, thereby a family. Adding to that, one cannot deny the comfort he/she gets from shopping online,  declining his dislikes, choosing what he/she wanted amongst the ocean of items, scrolling with his fingers if he is bored and so on. Subsequently, he/she realises that enough money is being saved from travelling to get the stuff, petrol/diesel expenses. 

Not every business will get leads. But you can very easily and efficiently brand your business. And this is the right time to step into the shoes of digital marketing. Once you brand your business, people will remember your products/services before snapping up and also identify who you are in your field.

It is to be noted that industries such as food, healthcare, media and pharma are highly developing. Marketing in any digital medium will help the business still grow, holding heavy traffics, leads and conversion rates. 

On the other hand, industries such as manufacturing, construction, transportation and maximum travel have been highly declined.

The traffic rate for these industries are down and cannot be expected to rise unless the COVID-19 vanishes. 

How do you expect yourself to be after getting back to regular life? 

Will you be the same old human or discover some slight changes in your mental behaviour?

Once the lock down is over and the situation gets back to normal, it is highly impossible to predict the customers/clients needs and wants. Each business should definitely get into the streets to know the mentality of every person. Besides that, there should be a brainstorming session between your peers. In such cases, digital marketing will help you find the solutions for your unsolved questions. You can analyse, measure, interpret and keep a track of your audiences and their expectations by reviewing the analytics of your posts digitally. 

Globally, the percentage of the spending economy was higher in the middle class and lower class’s lives before the Corona Virus affected everyone’s lives. But in 2020, people have inclined towards the concept of holding the saving economy. You and I have started to save at least a little bit, so that, if nothing helps out tomorrow, the savings will help us move forward. Since this generation hasn’t been involved in such a crisis, it’s very difficult to get along with the condition hopelessly.

With that in mind, you should learn that the e-commerce industry has very much influenced the internet users years ago and made shopping very smooth and untroubled for its users. 

The evolution of the digital world thereby began tremendously. And hence, the affordable, the most reliable and best marketing is today’s experience and in tomorrow’s hope is digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing Coordinator – Pedestrian TV

We have an exciting opportunity to join the Klara Cosmetics team at our head office in the position of a Digital Marketing Coordinator. The main purpose of your position is to own the marketing calendar including plan, create and implement digital marketing campaigns across social media, email, PPC, e-commerce, affiliates and marketplaces.

This position would suit a professional who wishes to return into the workforce on a permanent part-time basis, approximately 4 hours a day, 5 days a week or similar.   

You will work closely with CEO Klara Sabotkoski, internal marketing resources and other managers within the company. 

The main responsibilities of the position include:

  • Implement a growth-focused marketing strategy
  • Coordinate the marketing calendar
  • Planning, creating and implementing compelling content
  • Managing major social media, email and e-commerce channels
  • Copywriting and asset creation
  • Curate relevant imagery, photography and video content
  • Manage the new product marketing pipeline and be a part of Product Development
  • Manage all online customer-related touchpoints


To be successful in this position  you will have the following:

Skills and experience:

  • 5+ years of Marketing experience  
  • Tertiary qualification or equivalent experience in Marketing, Communications or similar
  • Demonstrated experience developing, delivering and measuring digital marketing initiatives
  • Experience planning and executing social media strategies and advertising campaigns
  • Email marketing experience in an online retail environment
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Strong experience with the Adobe creative suite
  • Passionate and confident in Graphic Design to support the building of regular campaigns
  • Ability to deliver creative and fresh content, with exceptional grammar and communication skills
  • Previous experience analyzing customer data to create strategies to proactively develop and improve customer experience is desirable but not essential


  • Ability to think creatively, strategically, problem solve, adapt and deliver results quickly
  • Outstanding organisational and planning skills with the ability to multitask effectively and prioritise tasks in a deadline-driven environment
  • Sophisticated communication, and interpersonal skills including creative writing
  • Ability to develop effective working relationships with internal stakeholders, external agencies and business partners
  • High degree of personal integrity and strong ability to work collaboratively and effectively in a fast-paced environment
  • High attention to detail and time management skills
  • Proactive and results-focused approach to your work  
  • A passion for beauty, fashion, and Marketing

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