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10 most unusual freelance jobs for the festive season – Human Resources Online

Christmas is right round the corner, and for many people living in Singapore it also signals the start of preparations for the next big season – Chinese New Year.

While having the two festive seasons in relatively close proximity of each other (Christmas on 25 December and Chinese New Year on 25 January 2020) might mean an extra long holiday for your employees in the office, it means a whole lot more work for certain groups of freelancers.

According to iTask, the on-demand talents service marketplace mobile app platform, these are the ten most unusual freelance jobs that arose from the hype of these two festive seasons:

#1 Spring cleaning helpers

Everyone wants a clean home during the festive season, however, not many have the motivation to perform the task of spring cleaning. Hence the rise in demand of these freelance cleaning professionals who do the job with no worries about cleaning up the mess after wild Christmas-eve parties, or fears of homes being not presentable enough for relatives and friends.

#2 Gift and hamper wrappers

Wish to wrap an impressive Christmas gift or a Chinese New Year hamper for business clients and associates but lack the proper gift-wrapping skills? No time to buy gifts? Thats where these freelancers come in to work their magic.

#3 Courier services

Gifts and hampers wrapped but do not have the time to deliver these personally? These personalised courier service providers will do the job for you. During the festive season, you’ll find these freelancers especially high in demand.

#4 Tuition and enrichment activities

One group the holiday season may not be a relaxing period for is children with ‘tiger’ parents who have high hopes and expectations. While some parents bring their children out on recreational trips, others send them for extra tuition and enrichment classes. Hence, during the holiday season, the demand is high for freelance tuition professionals and enrichment teachers such as piano teachers.

#5 Pet sitting services

Planning an overseas Christmas holiday or wanting to escape from giving out too many angbaos during Chinese New Year? If you need someone to take care of your furry friends while you’re away, that’s where these freelance pet sitting services come in. These pet-sitters will drop by to feed your paw buddies or take them out for a walk for a small fee.

#6 Buying groceries from Johor Bahru

Planning to stock up the low-cost groceries from JB for the upcoming Chinese New Year? Engage a freelancer to buy groceries from our neighbouring city, for a small fee. Not only do these freelancers help you score a cheaper purchase, they also help minimise the hassle of queueing at the customs.

#7 Bakkwa buyer

Bakkwa is essential part of Chinese New Year. Not wanting to join the queue from a prestigious brand but as a bakkwa connoisseur who cannot survive a CNY season without bakkwa? Hence, buying bakkwa is another hot-on-the-list request for freelance service providers in recent years.

#8 Picnic set-ups

A pretty picnic set-up will definitely pump up the festive mood for your Christmas party, New Year countdown or even Valentine’s Day. But setting up something Instagram-worthy is hard work. Hence the uptick in demand for these professionals who will dress things up nicely and get you more likes for your FB & IG than your friends have.

#9 Rent a friend / date

No joke! This is on the list! For all the ‘self-partnered’ people (thanks to Emma Watson for coining this term.) out there, there is an opportunity to rent a friend for the next Christmas or Chinese New Year gathering.

#10 Mental supporter or someone to share your deepest secrets with

The festive season are definitely a stressful period, either due to preparations and the mad rush of getting things done on time. Many seek a mental supporter or a companion to share with their worries and secrets with. Hence the rise in demand for freelancers who provide these personal listening service.

Have you engaged any of these unique freelancers before?

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Freelance jobs Online

The highest-paying freelance jobs of 2020 where you can earn $90,000 or more – CNBC

As some labor advocates worry that the lowest-paid gig workers are being exploited by companies, freelance workers on the other end of the income spectrum are seeing booming demand for their services and even a boost to their earning power.

A list of the highest-paying freelance jobs, created for by the global freelancing platform Upwork, shows dozens of jobs in which freelancers can earn $90,000 per year — or more.

“People should look at this list and think a little differently about the freelance economy,” says Adam Ozimek, Upwork’s chief economist. “There’s too much focus on a narrow corner of the freelance economy and lower-skilled workers. This report shows how diverse this segment of the economy is and how much of it is high-skilled work.”

Nearly 60 million Americans freelanced in 2019, either full-time or part-time, representing more than a third of the American workforce, according to a separate study by Upwork and Freelancers Union. Skilled services were the most common type of freelance work.

A study by MBO partners found that more than half of full-time independent workers say that they feel more financially secure in their current roles than in traditional jobs. That report found that there are more than 15 million full-time freelancers, with 1 in 5 earning more than $100,000 per year.

In the absence of a severe recession, experts say that 2020 holds plenty of opportunity for those freelance workers with professional skills.

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“High-end professionals are going to have a great year next year, whether they’re freelance or not” said Steve King, a partner at Emergent Research, a company in Lafayette, California, that studies the independent workforce. “The job market is just so tight, and those skills are really hard to find.”

Here’s a look at the highest-paying freelance jobs that should be in great demand in 2020, according to Upwork. The annual income is based on a 40-hour workweek, 50 weeks a year.

Job category: Corporate law

Sample career: Intellectual property attorney; corporate legal counsel
Hourly rate: $85
Potential annual income: $170,000*

Job category: Contract law

Sample career: Contract drafter; litigator; general counsel
Hourly rate: $75
Annual rate: $150,000

Job category: Financial planner

Sample career: Financial modeling expert; CPA; financial estate-planning attorney
Hourly rate: $62.50
Annual rate: $125,000

Job category: Management consulting

Sample career: Business consultant
Hourly rate: $60
Annual rate: $120,000

Job category: ERP/CRM software

Sample career: Solution architect; consultant; developer
Hourly rate: $60
Annual rate: $120,000

Job category: Network & system administration

Sample career: Network architect; IT
Hourly rate: $60
Annual rate: $120,000

Job category: Data visualization

Sample career: Developer; programmer; data visualization analyst; survey and research design consultant
Hourly rate: $50
Annual rate:

Job category: Machine learning

Sample career: Deep learning analytics consultant; predictive analytics consultant
Hourly rate: $50
Annual rate:

Job category: Quantitative analysis

Sample career: Professor of economics; statistical analyst
Hourly rate: $50
Annual rate:

Job category: Presentations

Sample career: Presentation designer and writer
Hourly rate: $50
Annual rate:

Job category: Database administration

Sample career: Data engineer; systems engineer
Hourly rate: $50
Annual rate:

Job category: Display advertising

Sample career: Graphic designer; internet marketer
Hourly rate: $50
Annual rate:

Job category: E-mail and marketing automation

Sample career: Marketing expert; developer; senior marketing strategist; consultant
Hourly rate: $50
Annual rate:

Job category: Marketing strategy

Sample career: Digital marketing consultant; copywriter; B2B marketing specialist
Hourly rate: $50
Annual rate:

Job category: SEM — Search engine marketing

Sample career: Google Adword Expert
Hourly rate: $50
Annual rate:

Job category: Desktop software development

Sample career: Full-stack senior web developer; customer software developer
Hourly rate: $50
Annual rate:

Job category: e-commerce development

Sample career: Developer; online marketing and e-commerce solutions expert; e-commerce integration and automation consulting
Hourly rate: $50
Annual rate:

Job category: Mobile development

Sample career: iOS developer; Android Developer; mobile app developer
Hourly rate: $50
Annual rate:

Job category: Scripts & Utilities

Sample career: Google Sheets Experts; Apps Scripts expert; Excel automation specialist
Hourly rate: $49
Annual rate:

Job category: Physical design

Sample career: Industrial design engineer; product developer; global visual merchandising manager
Hourly rate: $45
Annual rate:

Job category: Mechanical engineering

Sample career: Mechanical engineer; structural engineer and designer
Hourly rate: $45
Annual rate:

Job category: Product design

Sample career: User-experience consultant; product designer
Hourly rate: $45
Annual rate:

Job category: Web and mobile design

Sample career: Web and mobile app development; user-experience designer
Hourly rate: $45
Annual rate:

Job category: Web development

Sample career: Full-stack web development; business systems expert; user-experience designer; front-end developer
Hourly rate: $45
Annual rate:

Job category: Resumes & cover letters

Sample career: Professional development writer; career coach; cover letter and LinkedIn support
Hourly rate: $45
Annual rate:

*Upwork’s methodology: In order to create a list of the top-paying freelance jobs, we used data sourced from the database. We first pulled data of freelance jobs on the site starting Jan. 1, 2018, to Dec. 1, 2019. We then limited the analysis to categories of work that had more than 1,000 completed jobs and total freelancer earnings of over $1 million. Within that we ranked the top 25 jobs based on the highest median hourly earnings.

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How African Countries Rank In The Global Online Freelance Workforce – WeeTracker Media

One of the more common pieces of evidence of the rise of the gig economy is found in the proliferation of freelance jobs (particularly online freelance work).

While it’s hard to keep tabs on actual data from the gig economy in general, let alone the online freelance marketplace, institutions like Analytics Help, thankfully dedicate a lot of time and resources to keeping track of online freelancers.

Last year, a report titled “Global Internet Freelance Market Overview for 2018” was released by Analytics Help after the conclusion of research which took data from World Bank and online freelancing sites into account.

The research basically studied the population of online freelancers across the globe, while also giving consideration to what they (the freelancers) do, and which countries they are from.

From the data, it could be seen that the United States has the highest number of freelancers – 558,000, of which 13.90 percent or 77,000 had been active in the 3 months prior. 

The second-highest number of internet freelancers can be found in India with 145,000 freelancers (of which 14 percent were active at least 3 months before the report was released. The Philippines came third on the list with 162,000 freelancers. Pakistan and Bangladesh came 4th and 5th respectively.

So Which African Countries Have The Highest Number Of Online Freelancers?

With a total of 18,042 online freelance workers, of which 14.08 percent were deemed active, Kenya was the highest-ranking African country in the Global Internet Freelance Marketplace Overview for 2018 — coming in 15th place on the global rankings.

South Africa ranked 20th globally, with the study identifying a total of 12,354 online freelancers from Africa’s most-industrialised economy.

Countries like Nigeria (31st with 7,897 freelancers), Morocco (33rd with 7,553 freelancers), and Tunisia (43rd with 5,884 freelancers) made up the rest of the top five African countries with the greatest population of online freelance workers.

The Top 10 African Countries With The Highest Number Of Online Freelancers

  1. Kenya

Position in world ranking: 15th

No. of freelancers: 18,042

No. of active freelancers: 2,540

% Active freelancers: 14.08%

2. South Africa

Position in world ranking: 20th

No. of freelancers: 12,354

No. of active freelancers: 1,442

% Active freelancers: 11.67%

3. Nigeria

Position in world ranking: 31st

No. of freelancers: 7,897

No. of active freelancers: 1,317

% Active freelancers: 16.68%

4. Morocco

Position in world ranking: 33rd

No. of freelancers: 7,553

No. of active freelancers: 735

% Active freelancers: 9.73%

5. Tunisia

Position in world ranking: 43rd

No. of freelancers: 5,884

No. of active freelancers: 449

% Active freelancers: 7.63%

6. Algeria

Position in world ranking: 54th

No. of freelancers: 3,629

No. of active freelancers: 328

% Active freelancers: 9.04%

7. Ghana

Position in world ranking: 77th

No. of freelancers: 1,625

No. of active freelancers: 136

% Active freelancers: 8.37%

8. Uganda

Position in world ranking: 88th

No. of freelancers: 1,175

No. of active freelancers: 83

% Active freelancers: 7.06%

9. Madagascar

Position in world ranking: 94th

No. of freelancers: 911

No. of active freelancers: 197

% Active freelancers: 21.62%

10. Cameroon

Position in world ranking: 98th

No. of freelancers: 770

No. of active freelancers: 108

% Active freelancers: 14.03%

Analytics Help maintains that the data above is based on publicly available data from World Bank and freelancing sites. Also, the analysis considers only digital freelancers who work via online marketplaces. Offline or independent freelancers are not included in this analysis.

On the subject of how popular internet freelancing is per 1000 people, the data shows that freelancing as a career is most spread in Serbia where there are 3.52 freelancers per 1000 people living there.

Serbia is followed by Macedonia with 3.41 freelancers per 1000 people, Jamaica with 2.43 people and Armenia with 2.18 people out of 1000 being freelancers.

The United States ranks 5th with 1.72 freelancers per 1000 people while Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina rank 6th and 7th with 1.58 and 1.55 freelancers per 1000 people.

From the data, it is also seen that digital freelancing is most spread in the Balkan peninsula (Europe), Eastern Europe, and among English speaking countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Ireland.

Apart from these countries, freelancing is also widely spread (compared to the country’s population) in Portugal, Iceland, Philippines, Armenia, and Georgia (country).

Countries like India, Russia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh — although with a high number of freelancers — when compared against their population, the number of freelancers per 1000 people is relatively low. So it could be said that freelancing is not that popular there.

Looking at the most popular categories among freelancers, the data showed that web, mobile and software development, design and creative, writing, and admin support are the most popular categories in which freelancers choose to specialize and work.

Featured Image Courtesy: Freepik

Louisiana gumbo

Master P launches ramen noodles brand Rap Noodles – Atlanta Journal Constitution

Master P is expanding his food empire.

Decades after launching the convenience store staple Rap Snacks with James “Fly” Lindsay, the entrepreneur is taking on ramen noodles. Master P, born Percy Miller, announced on Instagram Monday that he’s debuting Rap Noodles.

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“I know about noodles, I grew up on noodles and I created my own brand,” he said as he slurped his new snack in his kitchen. “It’s nothing like this.”

Master P ate the Creamy Chicken Gumbo flavor in the clip, which he described as “uhhhh delicious.” Other flavors offered are Louisiana Hot and Spicy Chicken, Beef Prime Rib and Hot N Spicy Cajun Shrimp. 

“Get you some product if you want to be successful,” the self-named  Chef-Boy-Ar-P wrote in his Instagram video caption. “Its nothing like this New Orleans flavor creamy chicken and gumbo. You can cook it on the stove or you can put it in the microwave.”

Master P’s face graces the gumbo flavor while the beef and spicy chicken flavors feature fellow rappers E-40’s and Boosie Badazz’s faces respectively.

The “Make Em Say Uhh!” performer has collaborated with local rappers before with Rap Snacks. Lawrenceville’s Migos’ offerings include Sour Cream with a Dab of Ranch chips and White Cheddar with a Dab of Ranch cheese puffs. Migos member Offset’s wife, Cardi B, landed her own line up of flavors, including Honey Drip Butter popcorn and Jerk BBQ wavy chips.

» Slutty Vegan partners with Rap Snacks for vegan potato chips

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